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Tools for providing care & support

There are a number of things that you should have, or things that will make your life as a paid carer a lot easier if you have them, and these are just a few of them.

Business plan

All businesses need a business plan; that doesn't mean it needs to be a 50-page plan full of business speak, charts and jargon, but it does need to cover the basics:

  • Who you are
  • What the legal status of the organisation is (Sole Trader, Limited Company)
  • What your business does
  • What types of service you aim to provide and what you aim to charge for these services
  • Who your clients will be
  • How you will get clients
  • Who you will work with (eg accountants, staff)
  • How you will achieve what you say you will achieve
  • What your basic financial forecast is
  • You should probably look at this every two years or so.

If you are planning to be employed by the service user, then you will not need a business plan. However, unless you plan to only have one client as employer, then it's probably sensible to do an outline of how you anticipate you will get and manage work.

Policies and procedures

Having the proper policies and procedures will not only help with your role, but it will be essential if you want to get clients who receive funding from the Local Authority. This means that both you and the service user will know how you will expect to work together and that there is no confusion. Having the proper forms in place also means that you're more likely to record things accurately, thereby reducing your liability through proper documentation. You're the Boss can provide you with the tools to meet these requirements (go to the Document Store). If you are a registered user more detail can be found by looking at our policies and procedures page.

Getting clients

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that clients will just materialise at your door, asking for you to come and be their paid carer. When working for a provider or agency this is one of the key things that they do - find clients - but now this will be your responsibility.

Marketing your services does not have to cost the earth, in fact it can cost next to nothing; have a look our pages on getting clients.

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