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Providers need to consider how to offer client choice over who supports them, what time that support is provided as well as what type of support they require. It is likely that clients will want one person or as few people as possible to provide all their support, yet they may feel that different tasks should cost different amounts as they require varying levels of expertise.

We help you decide how to manage clients when they demand more flexibility, such as 'banking' hours and then requesting support from a specific staff member at short notice.

The structure of your staffing may well need to significantly change to allow you the flexibility to provide services that your clients want - this could include changing staff contracts to allow for flexible hours or zero-hours based contracts.  As we move away from block contracts from local authorities to a far more individually responsive service, providers needs to reduce their fixed costs, therefore a staffing profile which includes core, flexible and bank staff is probably going to be required.  

    Staff members may decide to leave the organisation to work directly for one or more of their clients and care is needed to minimise this occurrence and in redrafting staff and client contracts.

    Our team has worked with many providers and private companies so we can share with you a variety of methods, and help you to develop your own solutions.

    Our consultancy services help you to consider how to offer these services; whether to employ staff at different levels and on different contracts, or through partnering with other organisations.

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