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Who can request a DBS

Contrary to popular belief not everyone can get a DBS check or request someone else has a DBS check.  It has to be someone who is employed in a job which includes using this information, as part of an appropriate range of pre-recruitment checks, someone who is making a decision about that individuals suitability for the role they’ve applied for. 

In a company you often have a HR department, part of their role is to check the suitability of candidates, it’s then the managers who decide who can do the job from the pool of ‘suitable candidates’. 

Individuals looking to get care

For individuals who are looking to employ or contract with a paid carer – they don’t have an HR department, and they are not employed by an organisation to make this suitability judgement, therefore they don’t have the legal right to ask for or use the contents of a DBS certificate when making a decision over whether to employ a paid carer.  This therefore creates some difficulty for people wanting to make sure someone is suitable to provide care for them or a loved one.

A third party who checks the suitability of someone to undertake the role of paid carer needs to be involved.  They are effectively providing the role of the HR department in this aspect, checking that candidates pass certain criteria so that the you can then pick from the pool of candidates based on your individual need –  ie what specific experience is relevant, do they drive, are they available the hours you need, can they cook. 

It’s like when you buy a house, the mortgage company generally says that there has to be a survey and they instruct this to be carried out, the information goes back to them and they say whether the property meets the valuation.  However it’s up to you to see whether the house is actually the one that suits your needs and it’s you that enters into the contract to buy it.

Paid Carers looking to provide care

 You are not able to DBS check yourself, a third party who is undertaking a suitability check needs to be involved.  Lots of people who are self-employed come up against this problem. 

The Solution

You’re the Boss has liaised with DBS over this issue, by providing a register of paid carers who as part of their suitability check have to have an enhanced DBS check, we are able to provide this service.  

  • People who are looking to get care/support for themselves or a loved one can be assured that those on our register of paid carers have an up-to-date enhanced DBS check, are eligible to work in the UK, if they’re self-employed they undertake to use a suitable and fair contract, have demonstrated they have public liability insurance in place and have indicated that they have Safeguarding, risk assessment and complaints procedures in place and available for clients to see.  
  • People who are providing care/support can get a DBS check as one element of the checks that You’re the Boss offers for people wishing to join the register of Paid Carers.  An added bonus is that this helps with the marketing of your services!
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