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What is a paid carer?

For many people, the most exciting element of having a Personal Budget is the fact that they can employ or contract with someone directly to get the help that they need.

There are a lot of different terms used when describing paid carers, such as Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Caregiver, Personal Assistant (PA), Home Care Aide - You're the Boss chose to use the term 'paid carer'.  

Paid carers work with individuals and families to provide care and support. They can give the freedom and flexibility to individuals or families to arrange their own support with people that they know, or get to know, at times that are suitable for the person needing the support.

Paid carers can help with lots of different tasks such as helping people to bathe, do the shopping, cleaning, maintain their home or eat. Some people like to have one person who can help them with everything; others prefer to employ or contract with lots of different individuals to help them with different aspects of their life. For example, someone may choose to have a cleaner, gardener and dog walker, plus a paid carer to do the other elements like shopping and bathing, and then manage any remaining tasks themselves.  

Paid carers effectively become a partner with the service user to help them build on their existing skills and enable them to achieve their goals. 

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