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People who need help and their families

Choosing and managing care and support, either for yourself or for a loved one, can be a daunting prospect. You're the Boss is here to make it simple for you.

Our interactive wizard for care is a great place to start if you're trying to make a plan, communicate your needs to someone, work out if you might be eligible for council funding or simply contacting the relevant local authority with responsibility for your, or your loved one's, care needs.

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Register of
Paid Carers

Can I get my
care funded?

Help to stay

Image of lady holding a clipboard

Image of lady holding a clipboard

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personal budgets

Tools for getting
care and support

Care and
support choices

​We know that when you're trying to choose and arrange your own care or support, or trying to arrange care and support for someone else, there are lots of things to consider. That's why we've put together this website: to help you arrange care and/or support simply and easily.

Whether you feel that residential care is the right approach, care from a provider in your own home, or employing or contracting with individuals that you know in your local area, we've got the information to help you decide which option is best and the tools to enable you to get it - making sure that you're the boss. 

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