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Care and support choices

If you have, or someone you care for has, care and support needs there really is quite a lot that might help and quite a lot that you need to find out about. For people who do not qualify for any help from the Council, then there are other support services that may be able to help.

For people who qualify for Council-funded care and who can continue to live at home, most will be offered some form of homecare and will probably get a Personal Budget to help pay for it. There are a number of different ways that this can work. You can ask the Council to employ an agency for you or you can employ your own paid carer. In either case, there is clear important role for family carers who might be able to cope with situation, particularly if they are able to get some help.

Whatever your particular situation, there is a good chance there is a support group meeting somewhere near you that will bring together people with similar experiences and this can be very helpful.

If they are having difficulty carrying out day-to-day living tasks, there are an enormous range of aids and adaptations available. If you or your loved one are living on alone, there is a lot of care technology around that will monitor people's health and well-being and arrange for assistance to be provided if there is a problem.

Just because someone has a disability or is getting older does not mean that they are not entitled to as independent life as possible, including finding appropriate employment, continuing to learn and develop, having holidays and trips out, and remaining physically active. In order to benefit from these opportunities people may need help with transport

There comes a time, however, when people, cannot continue to live independently and may need to consider some form residential care such as a care homeSheltered or supported housing might be a more appropriate option, including Extra Care housing, which is a way of getting the assurance that comes from a care home while still living in an independent flat.

Throughout this site you can find further information on all these options to help you make a plan and decide what might be best for you or the person you care for.

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