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Help around the home

Many people can carry on living independently and happily in their own home if they can get a little help to carry out day to day domestic tasks.

Help with things like cleaning, shopping, cooking and gardening will generally be available in your local area but it is likely that the Council will not contribute to the cost of this unless they see your difficulty in carrying out these tasks as presenting a serious risk to your health and general wellbeing. So you are likely to have to pay for this help, but in some instances this may be heavily subsidised.

If you have decide to employ your own paid carer then you can ask them to help with these things as and when it is necessary. As an alternative local voluntary organisations may be able to provide a volunteer to assist with independent living, but if so there are certain questions that you should ask so that you are satisfied that there is no risk in doing this.

Charities such as Age UK may well provide local home help services to assist with practical and domestic tasks including shopping and the cooking of light meals. This could be available on a short-term or long-term basis. It is likely, however, that such services will require a referral to be made from a recognised professional such as a GP. 

There will also be a number of private agencies able to assist with independent living including cleaning, shopping, or laundry, on a regular basis or as one-off assistance such as annual spring cleans. They may also provide someone to sit with or accompany you to medical appointments etc. Shopping around until you can find one that you like the sound of and which you can afford is always desirable.

There are all sorts of equipment available that can make domestic tasks a lot easier.

Getting to the shops can obviously be difficult if you have difficulty getting around, particularly in some modern shopping malls, but help with transport may be available.

Most sources of help available will be very locality-specific, and you are likely to need to make enquiries locally to follow up on any of these ideas. If you do want to find out more we suggest that you look at sources of advice and information first.

As with everything else the important thing is to carefully consider what the consequences of your situation are, what you want to do about it, what you want to achieve, and what resources you have available. Then with this information make a plan

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