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Paid Carers Register

If you're looking for someone to provide care and/or support to you then a great place to start is our Paid Carer Register.  

We think it's important that you have the reassurance that someone who is providing care to you or a family member has, amongst other things, an enhanced DBS check.

If you are thinking of employing a carer directly you should also remember that as an individual you cannot request a DBS check on anyone you are looking to employ. This could be a good reason to use the You’re the Boss Paid Carer Register as this will already have been done for these people.   

Whilst, no system is infallible, and employment or contracting decisions clearly need to be made by individuals seeking care/support, we do think there are a number of necessary elements which need to be in place for someone to be considered a suitable candidate to provide personal care.  

All the Paid Carers on our register have 

·         Undergone an enhanced DBS check including barred list check

  • Demonstrated that they are eligible to work in the UK

·         For those who have indicated that they intend to be self-employed they have also

  • Demonstrated that they have suitable public liability insurance in place
  • Indicated that they intend to use a suitable and fair contract with clients
  • Indicated that they have the following policies and procedures in place
    • Safeguarding Policy (could be known as Adult and/or Children Protection from Abuse Policy)
    • Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure
    • Complaints Process for clients 

All Paid Carers/Personal Assistants on the You’re the Boss register are independent and self-employed, or will be employed by you.  You must take your own references and satisfy yourself that the Paid Carers you employ or contract with have the skills and expertise which are going to be able to meet your needs.

You can check our Safeguarding Policy which gives you more idea of what we expect of Paid Carers on our register.

If at any time you make use of the Register and find that one of the conditions listed above is not true then please let us know, and we will investigate.

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