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MLC YtB Course
MLC Course Logo If you're wondering how to go about setting up your care and support service so that you can provide care and support to individuals, then this course is for you.

You're the Boss has partnered with My Learning Cloud to create this e-learning course, which takes you through all the different elements of designing and selling a care and support service for individuals. 

If you're a provider looking to move towards more personlised services, then this course will help you work out how to transform your services to meet the needs of clients who are private payers or funded by the Local Authority.  

The course is mainly aimed at those already delivering services, however If you're a paid carer looking to set up your new service then this course will help you understand the whole care and support landscape and give you some useful information on different aspects you might like to think about when developing your business.  
Creating and Selling Personalised Services will take you through:

  • What personlisation is and the new way of buying care services
  • How to find out what your customer might want to buy 
  • How to work out your position in the market place 
  • What it is you're actually selling - output- and input-based services 
  • How to begin attracting clients 
  • How to use staff as a sales force
You can do all of it at your own pace and the course is yours to access over and over again as you need it.  

Buy Course £14.99 inc VAT

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